Rosemary Steak and Shrimp

Who doesn’t love surf and turf!? This is an elegant dinner that can be cooked by anyone, using only one skillet or pan. I prefer a cast iron skillet, but any pan can be used. Cooking steak with butter is nothing new. Many restaurants do this. In fact, I’d argue grilling is not the best way to cook a steak. Give this recipe a try and you might also agree.

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Chicken Fried Rice

I’ve been craving fried rice for a few days, but don’t want to be out too often due to COVID-19 and the quarantine.

I’ve been making this for years, but never wrote down the recipe. I’m sure it’s nothing new and can be found all over the internet. Here is my version of chicken fried rice. Note that the rice should be made ahead of time and cold. Rice firms up when cold and will help in avoiding soggy fried rice.

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