Grilled Cheese ‘n Steak

Somewhat stuck inside because of the pandemic (not forced to be indoors but I’m trying my best to social distance) I’m trying to use my food more conservatively to limit having to go to the store.

So, instead of cooking a grill full of steak tips I decided to use only one and freeze the rest.

What to do with one steak tip? 🤔 Normally, I’d grill them (it, in this case) but with just one I wanted something different.

I ended up on this, a grilled cheese with a sliced steak tip. Sort of a grilled cheesesteak I guess. I doubt anyone needs a recipe for a grilled cheese. It’s about 1 step harder than making an ice cube. So, I’m just going to show the steps I used.

First I coated the steak tip with oil. I used avocado oil. Then I sprinkled some kosher salt and fresh ground pepper on both sides. Put it in a pan and seared both sides.

After searing both sides I put it in a preheated toaster oven and baked for 10 mins at 450f.

After 10 minutes, remove and let rest for 5 minutes then thinly slice.

Put some cheese on top of a buttered slice of bread, I prefer Italian but use whatever you have or like. Butter side down of course. Add some slices of steak tip and top with the other slice of bead.

Cook it like you would a grilled cheese, browning both sides in a pan.

Slice in 1/2 and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re making things because of this pandemic that you wouldn’t normally be making, please share the link so we can check it out. Stay safe everyone!

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